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The impact on Chinese reactor company

Massive reconstruction has not yet started, the residents of the affected region is basically the temporary power supply.

"Massive reconstruction has not yet started, the residents of the affected region is basically the temporary power supply." State Grid staff told a weekly financial reporter, "now or earthquake rescue."

As of May 19th, the State Grid, China Southern Power Grid respectively from 917 (total power capacity of 33522 kilowatts), 210 (total power capacity of 1449 kilowatts) of power emergency vehicles and diesel generators to the disaster area to supply service, because of fears that the earthquake disaster area lines are damaged, the residential is not yet fully energized.

Due to earthquake stricken counties in Longmen mountains, non center city, so the power loss in 110KV substation and line, 750KV high voltage substation and line not affected. Look at the pictures from the actual site affected, houses collapsed causing a more serious damage to the equipment power. Taking Qingchuan county electric power company as an example, the earthquake damaged the destruction of all 3 with a total capacity of 730 kW hydropower station dam, canal, unit, factory; 3 with a total capacity of 5500000 amperes 35000 volts transformer displacement, deformation, leakage, switch station structure collapse, cracking; 35.3 km 35000 volt line almost all pour rod breakage, 500 km of 10000 kV 400 km down rod breakage, 1680 kilometers of low pressure line all the back rod breakage, 260 sets of distribution transformer damage.

China Electricity Council ("CEC") responsible person introduced to the financial weekly newspaper reporter: "hit the power restored, in our judgment, mainly is the backbone network of 220KV, 500KV and above substations and transmission lines. 110KV the following delivery to the station the user end, relates to the circuit maintenance and cable laying, and a recovery process is relatively long."

TBEA donated wire and cable

Power equipment manufacturer NARI Group marketing department is responsible for that, post disaster reconstruction needs to purchase equipment mainly to an equipment, including high voltage circuit breaker, load switch, fuse, isolating switch, contactor, a magnetic starter; electrical protection reactor, defense overvoltage arrester, cable and the earthing device. The most urgent supplies include distribution transformer, wire, hardware, towers, poles and so.

Chinese reactor level equipment suppliers, there are several supply such products are mainly listing Corporation. China Pearl (600873.SH) mainly produces iron tower, transformer, cable and other low-end power transmission products, in the southwest market share very little. According to the 2007 annual report, the company in the southwest of the main income of only 7808000 yuan, accounted for only 1.3%. Shenzhen Hui Cheng (002168.SZ) mainly in the production of low voltage cable branch box, cable accessories and other products of Southwest China in 2007, the main business income of 14470000 yuan, accounting for about 7.8%, the number of low.

TBEA (600089.SH) has some advantages in wire and cable products, the report shows that 2007 of the cable wire products income of about 2130000000 yuan, accounting for about 23.27% of main income. It has three subsidiaries under the production of wire and cable, respectively, Tebian electric (Deyang) cable, cable factory, Xinjiang Limited by Share Ltd Shandong Luneng Taishan (000720 market, shares bar) Cable Co. Ltd., the main production 35KV and below XLPE power cables, overhead insulated cable, 1000KV and the steel core aluminum stranded wire, aluminum cable and other products. Among them, German cable shares is Sichuan Province electric materials company and other four enterprises jointly established, with annual production capacity of up to 1000000000 yuan of above, is the comprehensive strength of Chinese wire and cable industry before the 20 strong enterprises in Sichuan Province, one of the eighty key enterprises in Sichuan, post disaster reconstruction may obtain larger market share.

In the Wenchuan earthquake, TBEA de cable company damaged production, the current production is recovering. TBEA board office a staff member told reporters, three wire and cable production company of disaster assistance, de cable companies have available stock of wire and cable products are all voluntary contributions to the reconstruction of disaster areas, other companies are also active in production and supply of products.