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Zhejiang Province Electricity Power Company completed 17 projects for the summer

Zhejiang online Hangzhou June 25th news (reporter Liang Guorui correspondent Zhao Junbao) in June 25th

Zhejiang online Hangzhou June 25th news (reporter Liang Guorui correspondent Zhao Junbao) in June 25th, 500000 volt Chunxiao two period of 100 KVA capacity of No. 2 main transformer in the expansion project, after more than half a year of intense construction, officially put into operation. It put into operation the 500000 volt power supply network in eastern Ningbo, Beilun and Zhoushan area were basically meet.

Early in the second half of 2007, the Zhejiang Electric Power Corporation organization of Zhejiang power grid in 2008 summer peaks of the study on the issue, the key technological transformation in 2008 the grid: improve equipment health level of distribution and the anti short circuit level; improve the substation safe operation conditions; improve the level and capacity of anti short circuit of transformer; old transmission line reconstruction and capacity; improve the local area without power balance; optimization of ice disaster damaged lines reinforcement.

According to the actual situation of Zhejiang power grid, the Zhejiang Electric Power Corporation plans to invest 1050000000 yuan renovation funds this year, among them 1, in June a total of completed investment 560000000 yuan, the completion of 17 key technological transformation projects.

As of June 25th, through the implementation of a series of power grid project, Zhejiang Electric Power Corporation is the transformation of 220000 volt transformer 15, increase 78 KVA substation capacity, 220000 volt transformer equivalent to put into operation in 5 of 15 KVA; transformation of 220000 kV and above lines 26, improve the transportation capacity of 192.3 KVA, ready for the summer in order to prepare for the peaks.